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Commission to Realization

With the following, authorization is requested on your behalf to create the models indicated in the order in a certified player, using a digital model and additive 3D printing technology.
• We will create models to wear / use, in polymer / metal, on a small scale, through an international printing service, these are models made in full mass and in a single solution, "layer by layer", with post finishing treatments, of which the entire additive manufacturing chain is certified. Additive Manufacturing is the process of making an object in digital / computational mode through machinery that stratify the parts, bringing back material, not subtracting it as occurs in the normal manufacturing technique of objects.
• The metal models will be numbered and accompanied by the this certification.
• Professional skills will be invoiced and will include the cost incurred on your behalf as prepaid expenses, so the portion of professional skills will be distinguishable. The fee indicated in the order is all-inclusive.
• This agreement protects privacy, professional secrecy, and ethics.
• Each model will be personal and dedicated to the person who commissioned it. This remains the owner of the possession of the thing, except for the copyright, which must constitute the intellectual property of the person who thought it up.
• The models indicated do not include changes, any customization changes will be agreed in advance, and accepted. We specify that with Additive Manufacturing it is possible to customize the "unique piece".
• The printing times may differ for objective reasons and force majeure. Covid 19.
• Upon receipt of the verified agreement, the payment will be communicated to the press start.

you have confirmed the Granting of the Agreement Realization to Luca Mazzotti viale massaua 8 47838 Riccione RN p.i. 03188040400 c.f. MZZLCU63C05H274K